Touchani Mandalas
by Ecallaw Leachim (Author), The Garji (Artist)
Hardcover Book
Crowl Art in a beautiful hard cover book under the name of Touchani Mandalas. 
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Touchani is an ancient word that means more than seeing, more than perception - it is knowing a thing from the inside out. It is intimacy, clarity, and a sense of deep connection. In Sanskrit, the closest word is Vidya.

  A Mandala is an object of contemplation, designed to focus the mind and bring in a connection to a higher spiritual force

  The purpose of the Touchani Mandalas is to open your consciousness to a new state. They will help transform ordinary minds into enlightened ones and assist with healing, as well as personal growth. They help bring about the state of spiritual freedom - Jivan Mukti.
  Garji, in Sanskrit, means, "The roar of approaching thunder". It symbolizes the answer to the question, "What is the Sound of One Hand Clapping?" The word denotes an opening between the planes where the benevolence of the heavenly worlds flows into the physical existence. It is an opening (Mudra) that precedes and prepares for the State of Grace.
Relax like a Cat and Chill to the Music
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Easy and fun to listen to melodies that are emotive, that wander and meander along, allowing the mind to drift and weave a path for the imagination to dream and the body to relax.

A musical feast with passion and texture, harmony and rhythm, chill at the home, over a coffee, the bar, the beach, the restaurant, with friends, at a party or wherever, just listen and enjoy the sounds with flavours of predominantly Spanish sounding guitar, percussion and other instruments.  

So grab a drink, turn up the music, turn up the bass, lay back and chill or get up and dance
"Chill Cat 1" Album is now available on most music platforms
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